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PPR Male Threaded Elbow With Disc
  • PPR Male Threaded Elbow With Disc

PPR Male Threaded Elbow With Disc

PPR Male Threaded Elbow With Disc is a 90-degree male elbow for wall mounting, there are bolt holes on the disc to fix the male elbow on the wall firmly using several bolts and nuts, adopt 100% virgin PPR material, and high-quality nickel-plated brass inserts, NPT and BSP standard threads are available, PPR male Threaded Elbow With Disc is used to connect PPR pipes with metal pipes, fittings or instruments, such as household faucets, water meters, and other water-using devices, it's main application is the connection at pipe bends to change the pipe direction.
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Item Name PPR male threaded elbow with disc
Size 20×1/2", 25×1/2"
Pressure Pn 2.5Mpa
Material Polypropylene random, PPR beta
Inserts Brass
Color Green, gray, white, purple
Connection BSP, NPT
Standard DIN8077, DIN8078 ,ISO15874
Item name Product Code Size (mm) Packing (pc/ctn) Vol per Ctn (cbm) Weight (kg/pc)
Male elbow with disc
RKW20 20x1/2" 120 0.0233 0.083
RKW25 25x1/2" 100 0.0233 0.090
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  • CNNC Qualified Supplier Certificate
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Product Knowledge

How does the disc interact with the threading mechanism?
The interaction between the disc and the threading mechanism in a PPR Male Threaded Elbow with Disc is a crucial aspect that influences its functionality. Here's an explanation of how the disc typically interacts with the threading mechanism:
Sealing Function:
The disc is designed to serve as a sealing or closure mechanism within the threaded elbow.
When the male threads of the elbow are connected to the corresponding female threads of another component (e.g., pipe or fitting), the disc is positioned within the threaded area to create a seal.
Flow Control:
The disc may have a design that allows for partial or complete obstruction of the flow path within the elbow.
By adjusting the position of the disc within the threading mechanism, users can control the flow of fluid or material through the elbow.
Threaded Engagement:
The threading mechanism involves the male threads on the elbow engaging with the female threads on the connecting component.
As the male threads are twisted into the female threads, the disc, being part of the threading structure, moves along the threads and adjusts its position accordingly.
Positioning for Flow Adjustment:
The disc may have a specific design or shape that, when rotated or moved within the threaded area, alters the degree of obstruction in the flow path.
Users can adjust the position of the disc during installation to achieve the desired level of flow control.
Material and Design Considerations:
The disc is typically made from a material compatible with the intended application and resistant to the fluids being transported.
The design of the disc may include features such as grooves, flanges, or seals to ensure effective sealing and control over the flow.
Thread Protection and Smooth Movement:
To facilitate smooth movement of the disc within the threading mechanism, manufacturers often incorporate features to protect the threads during transportation and storage.
Protective measures may include temporary covers, lubrication, or coatings to prevent damage to the threads or the disc.
Integration with Threaded Elbow Design:
The design of the threaded elbow with disc takes into account the specific requirements for sealing, flow control, and ease of adjustment.
The threading mechanism and disc should integrate seamlessly to provide a reliable and durable connection.
Installation and Adjustment:
During installation, the installer can adjust the position of the disc to achieve the desired flow characteristics or sealing tightness.
Proper installation practices ensure that the threading mechanism engages securely, and the disc functions effectively.
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