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Plastic pipes, environmental protection first, helping a green future.

Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co.,Ltd established in 2004 with 1.01 billion registration capital, situated in Jinshan district of shanghai china, occupied 70000 square meters.

ZHSU specialized in producing PPR pipe & fitting, antibacterial PPR pipe & fitting, anti UV PPR pipe, PP-RCT pipe & fitting,HDPE pipe and fitting, adopted high technology production line to improve productivity and offer fast lead time.

ZHSU has CNAS proved national laboratory.Borealis,South Korea and China brand 100% virgin raw material are available for all our plastic products, this is a strong guarantee for environmental friendly and safe product, zhsu cherish every drop of water, it’s our social responsibility and mission too !

ZHSU insist on the development strategy all alone “creating first-class enterprises, producing first-class PPR pipes & fittings, providing first-class service, establishing first-class hdpe pipes & fittings brand” which makes ZHSU scale grow steadily.

We have now international leading production lines and inspection equipment for PPR & HDPE product to organize production in strictly accordance with national and international standards,the procedure from raw material purchasing to finished product delivery is fully under monitoring, passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification because of perfect management, besides we were nominated as ”Shanghai famous brand products, Shanghai high-tech enterprises and Shanghai famous trademarks”.

ZHSU established complete product system, our existing products are PP-R water supply pipe, antibacterial PP-R pipe, PP-RCT pipe, HDPE water supply and drainage pipe, pipe fittings with PP-R, PP-RCT, HDPE material, those plastic products’ application covers building’s water supply and drainage, municipal water supply and drainage,large diameter underground drainage,sewage discharge,rural water network transformation etc, our product not only popular in china, sold well abroad, such as Southeast Asia,Africa,Latin American etc.

In order to cooperate with the development of rural drinking water safety projects nationawide and nuclear power plant, ZHSU adopted large diameter facility for PE production, our max diameter for PE pipe reached DN1200mm at present, ZHSU has become one of the manufacturers in china who can produce such large diameter PE pipe.

We will continue to improve and exceed our limitations with faith “ knowlwdge, courage, truth-seeking, innovation ” and enterprise concept “ customer first, quality, management efficiency, reputation and sincerity” we are determined to cooperate with our local and abroad customer sincerely on the basis of reliable quality, competitive price, thoughtful and professional service to share the joy of creation and prosperity !

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  • Shanghai ZHSU Pipe Co., LTD. Was founded and registered on 2004, then formed a sales team. ZHSU brand PPR pipes and fittings began to produce and launch on the market. The same year to join the “Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association".

  • Our ZHSU pipe company passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 international management system certification, lay the foundation for our product to explore the international market.

  • ZHSU products have won the title of "Shanghai Famous Brand" and "Famous Brand in Building Material Industry", and have started to enter the international market. The company has set up a technology center.

  • ZHSU introduces 200-800mm PE production equipment and PE water supply products into the market. We purchased 100 acres of land in Fengjing Industrial Zone of Jinshan to expand our new production base.

  • ZHSU PE products received "Attestation of Chinese environment mark". The company was awarded "2011 Top 500 Enterprises of Chinese Building Materials", while Yichang branch ZHSU Hubei Yichang Pipe Co., Ltd was registered.

  • The company commenced the construction of a large-scale production base in Fengjing Industrial Zone, Jinshan in April. In November of the same year, the company was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise" and "China Well-known Trademark" (recognized by SAIC), while PE products were honored with "Xinhua Water-saving Certification".

  • In Jinshan Fengjing industrial zone in September, our large-scale production base was completed and put into operation, the new large diameter municipal drainage pipe series - "PE double-wall corrugated pipe, PE trenchless drainage pipe" began to be produced and launched on the market, the same year company was awarded as the "Shanghai Famous Trademark".

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Zhongsu Culture

Infinite innovation and possibilities for endless learning, growth and self-exceeding.

    Be a century-old enterprise and create a valuable brand.
    People-oriented, rigorous and efficient.
    Healthy development, contribution to society, service to users, benefiting employees.
    Sharing, win-win, innovation, equality.
    Integrity responsibility.
Strength certification

Knowledge, Courage, Truth-seeking, Innovation.

  • ISO14001 ISO14001
  • ISO9001 ISO9001
  • ISO45001 ISO45001
  • CNAS Accredited Laboratory Certificate CNAS Accredited Laboratory Certificate
  • CE-Certificate CE-Certificate
  • Classification Society Factory Accreditation Certificate Classification Society Factory Accreditation Certificate
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Water Supply Pipe 2022CEC Certificate - Water Supply Pipe
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Gas Pipe 2022CEC Certificate - Gas Pipe
  • 2021 Measurement Management System Certificate 2021 Measurement Management System Certificate
  • TSG Special Equipment Production Licence New Certificate TSG Special Equipment Production Licence New Certificate
  • CNNC Qualified Supplier Certificate CNNC Qualified Supplier Certificate
Sustainable development Eco energy environmental protection

As a PPR pipe manufacturer, sustainability and environmental protection are key considerations in our operations. We have been certified and are involved in sustainability programs to demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and responsible manufacturing practices. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint while providing our customers with reliable and environmentally friendly PPR pipes.

Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.