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Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co.,Ltd established in 2004 with 1.01 billion registration capital, situated in Jinshan district of shanghai china, occupied 70000 square meters. China PPR Cross Suppliers and Custom PPR Cross. ZHSU specialized in producing PPR pipe, antibacterial PPR pipe, anti UV PPR pipe, PP-RCT pipe, PE-RT pipe, HDPE pipe and fittings with various materials, adopted high technology production line to improve productivity and provide customer with fast delivery time. In order to cooperate with national rural drinking water safety project, ZHSU adopted large diameter facility for PE production, our biggest PE pipe diameter reached DN1200mm at present, ZHSU has become one of the manufacturers in china who can produce such large diameter PE pipe. Custom PPR Cross for sale.

We adopted German brand Battenfeld-cincinnati production lines for plastic pipes to organize production in strictly accordance with international standards, the procedure from raw material purchasing to finished product delivery is fully under monitoring, passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification because of perfect management, besides we were nominated as ”Shanghai famous brand products, Shanghai high-tech enterprises and Shanghai famous trademarks”.

Certificate Of Honor
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001
  • ISO45001
  • CNAS Accredited Laboratory Certificate
  • CE-Certificate
  • Classification Society Factory Accreditation Certificate
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Water Supply Pipe
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Gas Pipe
  • 2021 Measurement Management System Certificate
  • TSG Special Equipment Production Licence New Certificate
  • CNNC Qualified Supplier Certificate
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PPR Cross Industry knowledge
What sizes and dimensions are available for PPR Cross fittings?
The sizes and dimensions available for PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) Cross fittings can vary among manufacturers and depend on the specific product lines they offer. However, I can provide you with a general overview of the typical size range and dimensions for PPR Cross fittings:
Nominal Sizes:
PPR Cross fittings are available in various nominal sizes, typically ranging from small diameters (e.g., 20mm or 1/2") to larger diameters (e.g., 110mm or 4").
Pressure Ratings:
The pressure ratings for PPR Cross fittings can vary based on the size and the manufacturer. Common pressure ratings may include PN10 (1.0 MPa), PN16 (1.6 MPa), PN20 (2.0 MPa), PN25 (2.5 MPa), or other designations corresponding to specific pressure levels.
The dimensions of PPR Cross fittings are determined by industry standards, and the fittings are designed to meet specific criteria for performance and compatibility. The dimensions include the length and diameter of each branch of the Cross fitting.
Wall Thickness:
PPR Cross fittings have a specified wall thickness that contributes to their strength and durability. The wall thickness is designed to meet the pressure and temperature requirements for various applications.
End Connection Types:
PPR Cross fittings are available with socket fusion or butt fusion end connections, depending on the manufacturer's design and the installation method. The end connection type is crucial for proper installation and joint integrity.
The availability of sizes and dimensions may also be influenced by regional or national standards. 
How do these sizes cater to different plumbing or piping requirements?
The range of sizes available for PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) Cross fittings caters to different plumbing or piping requirements by offering flexibility in designing and constructing various piping systems. The suitability of a specific size depends on the intended application, the volume of fluid to be conveyed, and the overall requirements of the plumbing or piping system. Here's how different sizes cater to various needs:
Residential Plumbing:
Smaller sizes, such as 20mm (1/2") or 25mm (3/4"), are commonly used in residential plumbing applications. These sizes are suitable for connecting pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas within homes.
Commercial Plumbing:
Medium-sized PPR Cross fittings, ranging from 32mm (1") to 63mm (2"), are often employed in commercial plumbing systems. These sizes are suitable for handling higher water volumes typically found in commercial buildings, hotels, or small-scale industrial setups.
Industrial Applications:
Larger sizes, such as 75mm (3") and above, are frequently used in industrial applications where substantial water flow or specific fluid-handling requirements are necessary. This can include industrial processing, water supply for manufacturing plants, or other large-scale industrial facilities.
Agricultural Irrigation:
PPR Cross fittings with intermediate sizes, such as 40mm (1-1/2") to 63mm (2"), may be suitable for agricultural irrigation systems. These systems often require fittings that can accommodate moderate flow rates for water distribution in fields.
HVAC Systems:
Various sizes of PPR Cross fittings are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The specific size depends on the design and requirements of the HVAC system, including the volume of water or coolant being circulated.
Piping System Design:
The availability of different sizes allows engineers and designers to create efficient and optimized piping systems. By selecting the appropriate size of PPR Cross fittings, they can ensure that the system meets the required flow rates, pressure ratings, and design specifications.
Pressure and Temperature Requirements:
Different sizes may have different pressure and temperature ratings. By choosing the right size based on the specific requirements of a project, it's possible to ensure that the piping system operates safely and efficiently within the designated pressure and temperature ranges.
Versatility in Design:
The variety of available sizes offers versatility in designing plumbing and piping systems. Engineers and installers can select PPR Cross fittings based on the specific needs of the application, allowing for flexibility in system design.
Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.