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PPR Reducing Tee
  • PPR Reducing Tee

PPR Reducing Tee

ZHSU PPR Reducing Tee is a PPR tee with one reducing end, it can connect different size water pipes in different directions to divert and changes the direction of the water channel, which allows for the branching of a distribution system with reduced sizes,  - PPR tee reducing has the advantage of the diversity of pipeline diversion directions, health, long lifetime, lightweight and easy construction, being produced on Germany production line and inspected by CNAS proved national laboratory, Max PN2.5 Mpa design pressure for hot and cold water supply and heating systems, OEM service and customized color are available.
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Item Name PPR reducing tee
Size 20-160mm
Pressure Pn 2.5Mpa
Material Polypropylene random, PPR beta
Color Green, gray, white, purple
Connection Hot melting
Standard DIN8077, DIN8078 ,ISO15874
Item name Product Code Size (mm) Packing (pc/ctn) Vol per Ctn (cbm) Weight (kg/pc)
PPR reducing tee

RCY2520 25/20 500 0.0525 0.028
RCY3220 32/20 330 0.0525 0.046
RCY3225 32/25 300 0.0525 0.046
RCY4020 40/20 200 0.0525 0.064
RCY4025 40/25 184 0.0525 0.07
RCY4032 40/32 168 0.0525 0.085
RCY5020 50/20 128 0.0525 0.109
RCY5025 50/25 128 0.0525 0.118
RCY5032 50/32 114 0.0525 0.132
RCY5040 50/40 88 0.0525 0.148
RCY6320 63/20 72 0.0525 0.181
RCY6325 63/25 72 0.0525 0.2
RCY6332 63/32 60 0.0525 0.212
RCY6340 63/40 54 0.0525 0.24
RCY6350 63/50 50 0.0525 0.274
RCY7532 75/32 44 0.0525 0.326
RCY7540 75/40 44 0.0525 0.352
RCY7550 75/50 36 0.0525 0.392
RCY7563 75/63 33 0.0525 0.44
RCY9040 90/40 24 0.0525 0.535
RCY9050 90/50 24 0.0525 0.577
RCY9063 90/63 16 0.0525 0.664
RCY9075 90/75 14 0.0525 0.751
RCY11050 110/50 12 0.0525 0.96
RCY11063 110/63 12 0.0525 1.059
RCY11075 110/75 12 0.0525 1.154
RCY11090 110/90 12 0.0525 1.271
RCY160110 160/110 2 0.0525 2.775
About Us
Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co.,Ltd established in 2004 with 1.01 billion registration capital, situated in Jinshan district of shanghai china, occupied 70000 square meters. ZHSU specialized in producing PPR pipe, antibacterial PPR pipe, anti UV PPR pipe, PP-RCT pipe, PE-RT pipe, HDPE pipe and fittings with various materials, adopted high technology production line to improve productivity and provide customer with fast delivery time. OEM PPR Reducing Tee Manufacturers and Wholesale PPR Reducing Tee Factory in China. In order to cooperate with national rural drinking water safety project, ZHSU adopted large diameter facility for PE production, our biggest PE pipe diameter reached DN1200mm at present, ZHSU has become one of the manufacturers in china who can produce such large diameter PE pipe.

We adopted German brand Battenfeld-cincinnati production lines for plastic pipes to organize production in strictly accordance with international standards, the procedure from raw material purchasing to finished product delivery is fully under monitoring, passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification because of perfect management. Wholesale PPR Reducing Tee. Besides we were nominated as ”Shanghai famous brand products, Shanghai high-tech enterprises and Shanghai famous trademarks”.

Certificate Of Honor
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001
  • ISO45001
  • CNAS Accredited Laboratory Certificate
  • CE-Certificate
  • Classification Society Factory Accreditation Certificate
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Water Supply Pipe
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Gas Pipe
  • 2021 Measurement Management System Certificate
  • TSG Special Equipment Production Licence New Certificate
  • CNNC Qualified Supplier Certificate
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Product Knowledge

Are there variations in PPR Reducing Tees, and how do they differ from equal tees?
There are variations in PPR Reducing Tees, and they differ from equal tees in terms of the diameters of the outlets. Here's a brief overview of both types:
Reducing Tee:
Description: A reducing tee has three branches, but the diameters of the outlets differ. One outlet has a larger diameter, and the other two have smaller diameters, forming a T-shaped configuration with varying sizes.
Use Cases: Reducing tees are used when it's necessary to connect pipes of different diameters at a three-way junction. They facilitate a transition from a larger pipe to one or more smaller pipes.
Applications: Commonly used in scenarios where the system design requires a reduction in pipe diameter at a specific point, such as in HVAC systems or where equipment of different sizes is connected.
Equal Tee:
Description: An equal tee has three branches of the same size, forming a T-shaped configuration. The diameters of the three outlets or branches are identical.
Use Cases: Equal tees are used when the flow in the system needs to be divided equally or when a three-way junction is required with pipes of the same diameter.
Applications: Commonly used in various plumbing applications where equal distribution of fluid or material is needed, such as in water supply systems.
Key Differences:
Diameter Variation: The main difference between reducing tees and equal tees lies in the variation of outlet diameters. Reducing tees have outlets of different sizes, while equal tees have outlets of the same size.
Application Focus: Reducing tees are designed to accommodate situations where a change in pipe diameter is necessary, facilitating a transition between larger and smaller pipes. Equal tees are employed when equal distribution or merging of flows from pipes of the same size is required.
When selecting between reducing tees and equal tees in a PPR piping system, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of the application, including the sizes of the pipes being connected and the desired flow distribution. The type of tee used will influence the performance and efficiency of the plumbing or piping system.
Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.