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PPR Female Threaded Tee
  • PPR Female Threaded Tee

PPR Female Threaded Tee

ZHSU PPR Female Threaded Tee is a PPR female tee that has a BSP or NPT standard female thread on the one end to connect a metal threaded pipe, the other two ends are smooth and used to connect with unthread pipes using a PPR welding machine, the three ends of PPR Female Threaded Tee is produced to connect the pipes which have the same size at right angles, PPR female tee has the advantage of rust resistance, heavyweight brass inserts and easy construction, being produced by the advanced production process, Max. size reached 110 x 4'' and PN2.5 Mpa design pressure.
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Item Name PPR female threaded tee
Size 20-160mm
Pressure Pn 2.5Mpa
Material Polypropylene random or PPR beta for the body, brass for inserts
Color Green, gray, white, purple
Connection BSP, NPT
Standard DIN8077, DIN8078 ,ISO15874
Item name Product Code Size (mm) Packing (pc/ctn) Vol per Ctn (cbm) Weight (kg/pc)
PPR female threaded tee

RCN20 20x1/2" 200 0.0233 0.062
RCN25 25x1/2" 150 0.0233 0.072
RCN25-1 25x3/4" 130 0.0233 0.096
RCN32 32x1/2" 96 0.0233 0.085
RCN32-1 32x3/4" 96 0.0233 0.107
RCN32-2 32x1" 60 0.0233 0.21
RCN40 40x1-1/4" 40 0.0233 0.308
RCN50 50x1-1/2" 26 0.0233 0.424
RCN63 63x2" 15 0.0233 0.687
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Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co.,Ltd established in 2004 with 1.01 billion registration capital, situated in Jinshan district of shanghai china, occupied 70000 square meters. ZHSU specialized in producing PPR pipe, antibacterial PPR pipe, anti UV PPR pipe, PP-RCT pipe, PE-RT pipe, HDPE pipe and fittings with various materials, adopted high technology production line to improve productivity and provide customer with fast delivery time. OEM PPR Female Threaded Tee Manufacturers and Wholesale PPR Female Threaded Tee Factory in China. In order to cooperate with national rural drinking water safety project, ZHSU adopted large diameter facility for PE production, our biggest PE pipe diameter reached DN1200mm at present, ZHSU has become one of the manufacturers in china who can produce such large diameter PE pipe.

We adopted German brand Battenfeld-cincinnati production lines for plastic pipes to organize production in strictly accordance with international standards, the procedure from raw material purchasing to finished product delivery is fully under monitoring, passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification because of perfect management. Wholesale PPR Female Threaded Tee. Besides we were nominated as ”Shanghai famous brand products, Shanghai high-tech enterprises and Shanghai famous trademarks”.

Certificate Of Honor
  • ISO14001
  • ISO9001
  • ISO45001
  • CNAS Accredited Laboratory Certificate
  • CE-Certificate
  • Classification Society Factory Accreditation Certificate
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Water Supply Pipe
  • 2022CEC Certificate - Gas Pipe
  • 2021 Measurement Management System Certificate
  • TSG Special Equipment Production Licence New Certificate
  • CNNC Qualified Supplier Certificate
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Product Knowledge

What measures are taken to ensure the durability of the threads over multiple installation and removal cycles?
Ensuring the durability of threads on PPR Female Threaded Tees over multiple installation and removal cycles involves considerations for material design, manufacturing processes, and user practices. Here are some measures that may be taken to enhance the durability of threads:
High-Quality Material Selection:
Choosing high-quality PPR material with excellent mechanical properties is crucial. The material should be resistant to wear, deformation, and degradation over time.
Thread Reinforcement:
Designing the threads with reinforcement features, such as increased thickness or additional material in critical areas, can enhance their strength and resistance to wear.
Precision in Manufacturing:
Utilizing precision manufacturing techniques ensures accurate and consistent thread profiles. Precision machining reduces the likelihood of burrs, irregularities, or imperfections that could contribute to premature wear.
Smooth Surface Finish:
Implementing a smooth surface finish on the threads reduces friction during installation and removal. This minimizes the risk of galling or thread damage over repeated cycles.
Thread Coatings or Treatments:
Applying coatings or treatments to the threads can improve their resistance to wear and corrosion. For example, anti-friction coatings or corrosion-resistant treatments can enhance the overall durability.
Thread Lubrication:
Recommending or providing guidance on the use of appropriate thread lubricants during installation and removal can reduce friction and stress on the threads. This is especially important in preventing galling, which can occur when metal surfaces adhere to each other.
Adherence to Installation Guidelines:
Providing clear installation guidelines to end-users, including recommended torque values and proper techniques for threading, can help prevent over-tightening or excessive stress on the threads during installation.
Avoiding Cross-Threaded Installations:
Educating users on the importance of avoiding cross-threaded installations is essential. Cross-threading can lead to irreversible damage to the threads and compromise the integrity of the connection.
Thread Protection During Storage:
Implementing protective measures to shield the threads during storage and transportation can prevent damage caused by external factors, such as impact or abrasion.
Regular Inspection and Maintenance:
Encouraging regular inspection of threads and connections can help identify signs of wear or damage early on. This allows for timely maintenance or replacement before issues escalate.
User Training:
Providing training or informational materials to users about proper handling and care of PPR Female Threaded Tees can contribute to the longevity of the threads. This includes emphasizing the importance of following recommended practices during installation and removal.
Compatibility with Thread Sealants:
Ensuring that the materials used in the PPR Female Threaded Tees are compatible with commonly used thread sealants or tapes can prevent adverse reactions that may affect thread integrity.
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Shanghai Zhongsu Pipe Co., Ltd.